CLCC 2014

Held April 10-11, 2014 in Northglenn Colorado.


ASCLS Awards!


Region VIII Omicron Sigma Winners from Wyoming!

Penny Runberg and Theresa Barbre

Kyla Warren also a winner but not present



Region VIII Omicron Sigma Award:  Kyla Warren



Wyoming State Omicron Sigma Winners

Leslie, Franciska, Trish, Shawna, Gail and Jill

Also winners but not present: Anna and BreeAnn


Key to the Future Award ASCLS-Wyoming:

Franciszka and BreeAnn



  • Wyoming Cowboys Team: Leslie, Trish, Shawna, Theresa, Penny their cheerleader
  • The Wyoming Cowboys Bowling Team
  • Kristin and Jill from Douglas

1st Annual CLCC Bowling Tournament

Wyoming Cowboys Team: Leslie, Theresa, Trish, Shawna and their Cheerleader Penny!

Also Jill and Kristin from Douglas


  • Shawna
  • Trish
  • Penny and Leslie
  • Edocrinology of Aging Seminar
  • Dr. Chris White- Endocrinology of Aging

More CLCC bowling tournament as well as Dr. Chris White’s Seminar on the Endocrinology of Aging, Student Posters, Lynn Maedel


 CLCC 2014 Student Poster Winners!

First Place :   Flu or Not the Flu?

Lauren Giltner, Nick Jimenez, Jennifer Price, Twyla Urban


Second Place:    Grow Your Own

Brandi Moore, Kristen Reed, Jessica Ruiz


Third Place:       The Human Gut Microbiota and Its Impact on Health

Chelsea Scudder


Honorable Mention:    Phage Therapy:  Answer to a Global Crisis

Erica Nutt


Honorable Mention    Red Blood Cell Substitutes: Past, Present, and Future

John Mosley, Taylor Habig


Honorable Mention:   Genetic Testing & Its Influence on Society

Jessica Drake, Kayla O’Keefe


1st  $100; 2nd $75; 3rd $50; Honorable Mention  $25/person


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